Ohana…An Asian Experience

Walking into Ohana Restaurant is like stepping into a beautiful Asian experience. The large menu has tempura, ramen bowls, and poke bowls just to list a few. Everything we have eaten has been fresh, tasty, and well-prepared. The garlic edamame is unusual and a great way to start your dining experience.

The highlight of their menu, at least for our family, is the sushi, sashimi, and rolls.

The creative rolls are great, especially because the high-quality fish is fresh. Since Ohana opened, we’ve had the Rainbow Roll, Eel-matic, Ahí Tower, Butterfly Kiss, and several others. The attentive staff will customize the rolls for dietary needs or just to meet your preference. The full bar makes it easy to add to your overall positive experience.

My favorite item on the menu is Salmón Ceviche, an appetizer with thinly sliced pieces of mango, tomato, and jalapeño atop generous slices of salmon. I was so glad that the owner suggested we try this item which has become the staple of our visits. We generally follow this dish with assorted sashimi, all of which are of top quality. Sushi lovers may be disappointed that the sushi bar does not have the traditional glass front for viewing, but the beautiful presentations and taste of the fish will make up for it.

I generally avoid desserts, but the tempura fried ice cream is too good to pass up as a perfect finish to the meal.

Whether you are a sushi lover or just love excellent Asian food, Ohana is well worth a visit!

Have you tried Ohana? If so, what was your favorite menu item? Please share so we can all go try it!


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