Organization Mission and Purpose: Monday Motivation August 28, 2023

What’s your organization’s Mission? Do you have a mission statement? You may have heard it called a vision statement, core focus, or something else. In the Marines, we write a mission statement for every operation, and we have precise doctrinal terms we use to assign a task to an organization that includes Mission and purpose with the five Ws and how.

Since language and doctrine are not standard across every business and organization, your Mission should be a focused statement of what your company does. It will take some time to dial it in, but you must do it. Your mission statement should be clear to everyone in the organization, and it should be the litmus test for every task, action, and client. Test shiny objects and big ideas against your mission statement. IF they don’t contribute directly, stop doing them or don’t start. There are several failed companies out there that wish they had done so.

Our Mission statement says: Connally Consulting helps leaders and organizations to improve their performance and success personally, professionally, spiritually, and physically.

The purpose is your reason or why. As my son said, “Have a big enough why and you can do anything.” It is your motivation for the Mission. Ours is “to build leaders of consequence for our Nation’s churches, families, businesses, and communities.” It’s bigger than money. It’s the reason you go to work. With your values, you know who you are; your vision tells you where you are going; your Mission says how you will get there; and your purpose is your motivation.

So this week, look at your values, vision, Mission, and purpose. If they are aligned and make sense, then make a note to yourself about what your role is in each. If they don’t align, it’s time to get to work because it’s hurting your bottom line.

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Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™



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