Pinecone Flowers

Every neighborhood seems to have a pine tree. Take the kids for a walk through the neighborhood and collect pinecones from the ground. My neighbors pick up their pinecones and place them in the trash. A quick phone call from me asking, “Can I have some of the pinecones that are on the ground??” I was told to take all that I wanted because they throw them in the trash! Woo Hoo!

So what to do with these leftover pinecones? Make flowers, of course!

Gather some things that may be laying around the house:

Sticks that are used for grilling fruit (long sticks)

Paint & Brushes


Glitter (optional)

Just have kids paint the pinecones, glue on a stick, and decorate! Make a bouquet to decorate your home for Spring! This can also be a lesson about recycling.

– Jane Slone writes articles on gardening for EllisDownHome.comJane grew up in Dallas, and moved with her husband to Ellis County 25 years ago. She opened three flower shops, operated, and eventually sold the shops. She taught Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology at the college level and retired 26 years later. She loves to garden and has become a Master Gardener. Her joy is teaching others about gardening! 


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