Rise n°1

Sometime those of us who have wanderlust are temporarily sated by a short trip to Dallas to visit museums, go shopping, or broaden our restaurant choices. For a quiet step into France in Dallas, my choice is often Rise n°1 at 5360 W Lovers Ln, Suite 220 just a few blocks off the Dallas North Tollway. (The restaurant has n°1 on it to distinguish it from its new offshoots in Houston, n°2, and Fort Worth, n°3.) I even have it on good authority that several celebrities, such as the former President and Mrs. Bush and Chuck Norris, dine here to also experience a little bit of France in downtown Dallas.

Rise specializes in soufflés both savory and sweet. In addition to such delectable delights as crab, truffle-infused mushroom, and Southwest chicken, there are daily savory and sweet souffle specials that never fail to impress.  For those non-souffle people, the menu includes non-soufflé items as well such as sandwiches and steak.

My personal favorite part of the meal; however, is not the souffles but the Marshmallow Soup. Before you stop reading and say, “Ugh,” realize that the soup is a fabulous tomato basil and the marshmallows are cheese soufflé bites. Often this soup and the Rise salad constitute my entire meal, so I can save room for one of the luscious dessert soufflés such as Grand Marnier, Chocolate, or Praline Pecan. I’ve been on a personal mission to try all of the dessert souffles to determine the best, but I am failing miserably since each one I try is immediately my favorite.

In addition to the excellent food and service, Rise’s atmosphere lends itself to quiet conversation and relaxed dining, a rarity in today’s dining. The glistening lights that separate the bar from the restaurant itself add the crowning touch to the illusion that you have stepped out of the DFW area and into a quaint European city.  The enclosed patio provides an additional seating option and is my favorite. Servers never rush diners and make everyone feel comfortable.

Rise n°1 Restaurant is on my favorites’ list. Do you have favorite restaurants in the DFW area? Please share and tell us why!


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