Rooted: New Music Segment Announcement

This week, I’m super excited to showcase some recently finished artwork of mine. About a month ago, I started getting back into collecting vinyl and CDs for the first time in a while. I realized that I had a creative calling to create my own album covers, inspired by many of my favorite bands and artists. Perhaps my favorite part about making these covers is creating something to celebrate the stories of these musicians and their impact on our world. The creation of these covers is also a way for me to say thank you for positively influencing my life.

So, with that said, this week I’m also excited to announce a new segment that will be written by me called Music Monday. Music Monday will focus on the real-life facts and stories behind some of my favorite artists and bands. I’ll use my custom-made album artwork to enhance the visual aspect of these articles. Rooted will continue to be an in-depth analysis of my art and beyond.

Join me here on Monday afternoon for my first Music Monday segment!


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