Rooted: Two Faces

This week we’re looking at a piece inspired by one of my favorite TV shows of all time – Breaking Bad.

I want to start by saying that I believe there’s a lot of depth and complexity in the story of Breaking Bad. I also believe that there is a lot to learn and dissect from its story and characters. 

This week’s piece is inspired by the character of Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. For those familiar with this show, it goes without explaining that the character of Gus is a master of manipulation and a very evil person throughout the course of the series. 

When I first watched this series, it had me thinking a lot about human behavior, and what I could learn from analyzing this story.

I believe that people can make good decisions for the wrong reasons, and I also think that people can make bad decisions and think they might be doing it for good reasons. I believe that Gus is someone who will do good to protect his image, and to hide people from the truth of who he really is. When making this piece I wanted to have a clear division of colors to symbolize the two faces of Gus. I believe there’s a lot of people in our world that might not do good things for the right reasons – whether it be for their image or reputation, or simply to make them feel better about themselves.


In our world of sin, it is not always easy to make the right decisions. It is very easy to get distracted or to stray from our path. I believe that life is a beautiful journey, and that the good and the bad shapes us into who we are.

What kind of person do you think you are, and what kind of person do you want to be?



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