Save Your Hearing Day / National Smile Day

Save Your Hearing Day

May 31

Sound is a vital and joyous part of the world we inhabit, and we should never take our ability to enjoy sound and music for granted. Sadly, studies show that we are not paying enough attention to our ears; hearing loss is on the rise, especially amongst teenagers and young adults who are showing 30-40% higher occurrence rates than previous generations. American National Save Your Hearing Day, which is observed every year on May 31, is a chance to raise awareness about hearing loss and learn how to protect our hearing. If you are experience troubles in hearing, visit with your doctor before serious damage occurs.

National Smile Day

May 31

Ten things to know about smiling:
1. Smiles are contagious.
2. Smiling is the universal sign of happiness.
3. Smiling can even improve your mood – instantly.
4. Smiling improves brain health.
5. Smiling helps to reduce stress.
6. Smiles are the first thing we notice when meeting someone new.
7. It’s easier to smile than frown.
8. Babies are born with the ability to smile.
9. Women smile more than men.
10. Smiling helps your career.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Clint Eastwood – Actor & Director – born in San Francisco, California

Joe Namath – Pro Football Player – born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania


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