Set Sail From Galveston

Sailing out of Galveston on a Carnival Cruise ship can be simple and fun, especially for families with children. Trips can be as short as 2 days or up to 14 days. The five-day trips sail to Mexico, generally with two days spent at sea.

Cozumel, one of the primary stops, offers something for everyone.  Visitors can rent a car, arrange an excursion through the ship, or arrange an excursion on their own, just being careful to watch the time of the ship’s departure! Cozumel is a diver’s heaven. The magnificent coral reefs provide a haven that attracts fish that both snorkelers and divers can enjoy and dive shops are readily available for visitors to rent equipment. If neither of these appeals to you, there are many wide sandy beaches to sunbathe or explore. For history lovers, two Mayan sites are compelling, San Gervasio and El Cedral, along with the Cozumel Museum. Shoppers are not to be left out. Cozumel boasts seemingly hundreds of stores, especially jewelry shops selling Mexican silver and semiprecious stones.

The Chacchoben Ruins, located 90 KM West of Costa Maya.

Costa Maya is another popular stop on Carnival. Like Cozumel, Costa Maya has more to do than cruise visitors can possibly fit into their short stay. History lovers can visit the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins which lie about an hour’s drive away from the port. There are also catamaran trips, snorkeling, diving, and even Segway tours. Young and old alike may choose to swim with dolphins and experience their magic.

But what happens when you set sail and are confined to the ship? The choices are numerous. Children love Camp Ocean which provides supervised, age-based groups such as Penguins (2 to 5 years), Stingrays (6 to 8 years) and Sharks (9 to 11 years). Some parents have found that, after a few hours at Camp Ocean, the children don’t want to leave! The ship has lots more to offer such as Waterworks, an on-board water park available for kids from one to ninety-two. The slides feed into some of the many pools available where you can swim or simply sunbathe and enjoy icy drinks from the bar.

And no one will go hungry on-board a Carnival Cruise! There is always some restaurant, bar, or buffet open for a drink, a quick snack, a burger, or a quiet meal. There are adult only areas where cruise guests can enjoy silence, spas for relaxation, and casinos for making (or losing) money while having fun. The shows are professional and fun with entertainment to fit everyone’s demands. From deck parties to dive-in movies to cooking demonstrations, if you choose, every minute can be busy. Of course, there’s no rule that prevents you from relaxing on the deck with a good book and that ice cold, fruity drink. The choice is yours.

Have you ever been on one of these cruises? What was your experience like?


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