Sleep-under Parties

Kids often think sleepovers sound like lots of fun until they try one. Many times the kids just aren’t ready to spend the whole night away from their familiar surroundings. That’s why having a sleep-under party is such a clever idea!

A sleep-under is just like a sleep-over with all the fun activities like playing games, doing crafts, watching a movie (with popcorn of course), cuddling up in sleeping bags until 8:00 PM when the parents arrive to take their little darlings back home to their own bed! Brilliant!

Parents who have hosted sleep-unders recommend starting around 5 PM with a departure time of 8 PM. That allows plenty of time for all the activities including an age-appropriate movie. Have the guests come in their jammies and even bring a favorite stuffed animal or blankie if they wish.

Clear the floor so the kids can set up their “sleeping spot”. After the initial excitement and settling in is over, show the movie and pass the popcorn. When the movie has finished, tuck everyone in their sleeping bag and turn off the lights. Wake them up 30 seconds later and serve breakfast. Before you know it, the parents will be there to take their kids home, and you will have a good night’s sleep!

For more information about sleep-under parties, click here.

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