Star Wars and the Legacy it Trails

Hello, my name is Grant Atchley. I graduated in May of 2022, and am now studying Bio Medical Engineering. I work for Ellis DownHome helping to film videos and writing articles for the website. I’ll be writing flashback articles for the pop culture of the past for the Way Back Wednesday segment, and more personal articles as well on the off weeks. I look forward to providing content for Down Home!

With the Ahsoka show hitting Disney Plus, it is only fitting to talk about Star Wars. Beginning on May 25, 1977, the legacy that would be Star Wars was set in stone. No other franchise in the galaxy has encapsulated the minds of an audience the way Star Wars has. The franchise jumped into the hearts of any who gazed upon it at light speed. With every new project, Star Wars has long time fans flocking back, and new fans piling in to get their share of that galaxy far far away. 

When Star Wars: A New Hope burst its way onto the big screen for the first time, no one had ever seen anything like it. The concept of space travel was still new to the world, so bringing in space war and politics was a huge jump and risk in the film industry. George Lucas was determined, however. He funded and did everything himself. He wanted it all to be his idea and not let some Hollywood studio get their greedy hands on it until he was done. He put all his time, and quite literally all his money, into this passion project. He shocked the world with the groundbreaking story, special effects, and imagery portrayed. It broke the world, grossing astronomical numbers in every medium, especially the toy industry. Every kid wanted the toys, and to picture themselves cruising through space ready to destroy the Death Star. An impact like that on a child’s creativity and imagination lasts through a lifetime and passes through generations. That is what makes Star Wars a timeless household name.

There is a lot to be learned from the legacy of the universe George Lucas created; the good, and the bad. A big take away is to believe in your ideas and capabilities. Do everything possible to make the idea and imagined dream come true. Another key take away is to never let go of that dream. Do not let higher ups cheat you out of the world you worked so hard to create. Because, in the end, what you want for what you created is what is right. No one can tell you different.

George Lucas created a global phenomenon. Any idea worth genuinely believing takes a little risk. Without risk, there would be no Star Wars, or countless other “worlds” that are so widely loved. The Legacy of Star Wars inspires the belief that anything is possible. You can save people from the darkness. You can overcome unbeatable odds. You can be anything you want to be. It inspires you to create a world of your own. You set the limits. So, what legacy will you trail? 


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