Take The Kids To The San Antonio DoSeum!

San Antonio is one of the most popular tourist locations in Texas for many reasons. Visitors can choose from staying and playing downtown on the Riverwalk or west of town at a resort accompanied by a trip to Seaworld. Many of the activities are kid friendly, but one of our favorites is the DoSeum.

While planning a San Antonio trip with our 7-year-old granddaughter, my husband and I were disappointed to learn that the Children’s museum downtown was closed, but this replacement, the DoSeum, is bigger and better and appeals to a broader age range (0-10).

The DoSeum is located northeast of San Antonio near the zoo and is open daily. The museum offers changing exhibits as well as permanent ones. Our granddaughter had difficulty deciding what to do first, but becoming an international spy won out. She was able to get on a computer, have her picture taken, and receive her first assignment. She enjoyed the experience so much that she completed several assignments before we drug her away from the Spy Academy to the next exhibit. I’m not certain she realized that she was using deductive reasoning, and math skills to solve the assignments, but what a fun way to learn and exercise these skills!

While the DoSeum is a great way to spend a hot or rainy day, it does include a large outdoor area where children can run and play while learning physics at the Waterworks, studying the Monarch Migration, and developing their motor skills by climbing on the 30-foot tall climbing structure.

While in the DoSeum, children can visit the local H-E-B, the vet’s office, and a taco truck in Little Town where they practice the skill of grocery shopping and making change. This important role-playing prepares children for their futures and gives them experience in a safe environment.

Another exciting stop in the DoSeum for our granddaughter was Innovation Station where kids can tinker and build. After completing a project, children can test their products with games in which they race their creations against that of another child. And, of course, the kids just believe they are playing, not learning.

My husband and I enjoyed the DoSeum as much as our grandchild, although I do wish I had been small enough to do more things! Don’t be surprised, however, if you ask your child at the end of the day what they did, and their answer is simply, “played.” What better way is there to learn, than when you are having so much fun that you aren’t aware that you are learning?

The DoSeum (https://www.thedoseum.org) is located at 2800 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209.


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