Texas Art

The A in STEAM stands for art, and there are some neat art projects you and your children can do during your study and celebration of Texas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife

This site is amazing! It is a list of many art projects having to do with the wildlife of Texas. You just click on the title and it takes you to the directions for that particular project. For instance, I picked the Popcorn Bluebonnet because I used to do this with my classes every March. You just need some construction paper, popped corn, dry blue tempera paint, glue and crayons or markers. It is so easy, and yet, the finished product is really pretty.

Some of the other choices are projects to make an armadillo, horned lizard or a prairie town. The projects use different mediums like clay, items from nature and things you have around the house.

I like that when you click on a specific project like “Make a Tarantula”, there is a little information about whatever animal you picked and also ways that you could extend or expand that particular art project.

Be sure to visit this amazing site by clicking here.

The M in STEAM stands for music, so while you and your kids are working on your art projects, why not listen to some Texas music too! I found a wonderful video of school children singing and dancing to “The Yellow Rose of Texas”. To see it, click here.

If you have any good ideas for Texas art or music activities, please let us know in the comments section below.


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