Texas Music History Trail® Programs: Interactive Map

The Interactive Map Program:

For more than 20 years affiliates of the Texas music history community published references to the many music history preservationists throughout the State. First introduced as the Texas Music History Preservation Alliance, the program became the blueprint for recognizing the music history community as an emerging industry in Texas. The formal Texas Music History Trail® Map was first published in a public forum on September 24, 2002 at the Texas Music Office in Austin, Texas for the House Committee on State, Federal and International Relations (77th Texas Legislature). Founding organizations have continually published the Texas Music History Trail® Map and directed development of the Program since 2000.

Please visit www.texasmusichistorytrail.us and explore Texas’ music heritage with the new Texas Music History Trail® Interactive Map. Additional specialized features for the Interactive Map Program are in design; soon to augment the scope of the Program.

Texas Music Hall of Fame® Commission:

There has been a Texas Music Hall of Fame® in Texas for more than 20 years; it’s just in 40 different locations. The Bob Wills Museum is in Turkey, the Roy Orbison Museum is in Wink, Gruene Hall is in New Braunfels, Selena is in Corpus, a Buddy Holly Center is in Lubbock, the Arnett Cobb Texas Jazz Archives is in Houston, the Janis Joplin Museum is in Port Arthur, and on, and on and on. However, on November 5, 2022 that all changed in Kilgore Texas.

As part of the 2022 Texas Radio Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, several of the state’s most noted music halls of fame, music history experts, music families and practitioners gathered in a forum to assess, implement and charter the private sector equivalent of a “Friends of the Texas Music History Trail Program” for the Texas Historical Commission, pursuant to HB2079 (Hunter, 85th Texas Legislature). The outcome of the meeting aligned Texas’ music halls of fame and major music collection stakeholders into a cohesive network of venues to inspire heritage tourism for the State. The collaboration sanctions an Official Texas Music History Trail® Program with a member’s only association that anchors the new “music heritage tourism industry” with major collection based organizations and acclaimed cultural institutions.

The Texas Music Hall of Fame® Commission was established as an Advisory Council of Texas Music History Trail® Stakeholders united to foster international tourist destinations for the State. The Commission has acquired the necessary requisites to organize, designate and promote music heritage tourism and its members as the Official Texas Music History Trail® Program.

Grand Opening: Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum

On February 18, 2023 the Grand Opening of the new Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum was a blockbuster where everyone saw it as THE regional heritage tourism program for the Valley (which it is). The magnitude of the media coverage and the extent of a massive Avila Conjunto Music Collection have inspired the entire Rio Grande Valley (RGV) delegation of Senators and State Reps to support music heritage tourism at the legislature (real property and funding). Please contact your legislators and remind them that music heritage tourism is an emerging industry bonanza for all communities and, therewith, the State. The Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum is an Official Texas Music Hall of Fame® Facility.

Texas Monthly Announcement:

Texas Monthly (The National Magazine of Texas) declares music heritage tourism an emerging industry with a full page public service announcement in the March 2023 issue. The designation extols the independence and prominence of the new “music heritage tourism industry” for the State. The publication, as such, is testament to Texas’ music history stakeholders as dedicated collectors, curators and repositories for some of the most acclaimed music memorabilia in the world. Listed are the music artists, music families, libraries, archives, museums and historical icons that are Texas’ music history. Texas Monthly has told the world!

Encourage your patrons, members and supporters to order the March issue of Texas Monthly to COMMEMORATE THE DECLARATION of the new “music heritage tourism industry” and its recognition as an official music industry expansion program (pg. 75). The public service announcement has a QR Code that directs the reader to the Interactive Map website. Each music trail patron’s reference, as listed in the website, directs readers to their internet presence.


Currently, the Texas Music Hall of Fame® Commission is organizing membership criteria, heritage tourism agendas, and co-branding opportunities while considering three (3) additional Commissioners for the 2023 Agenda. There are currently 8 acting Commissioners. The new organization holds quarterly Board meetings. Texas Music History Trail® patrons are not required to become members of the Commission for listing in the Interactive Map Program.

You have received this email because you are either listed as a “music heritage tourism industry” steward or you can benefit from the Music Trail Program by encouraging development and support in your community. Patrons listed in the Interact Map Program can make edits to the profile as required. 

For more information and co-branding opportunities contact Ezra Charles, ezra.charles@texasmusiclibrary.org.


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