Thankful for NOTHING!

The morning sun had risen and its piercing light had fought its way through the frail defenses of my breakfast nook blinds.

That was an indisputable sign that I was late.

Where had the time gone?

I grabbed a two-day old cinnamon roll from the kitchen counter and I bolted out the door.

If I did not get on the road quickly, I was going to be late for an important meeting.

I jumped into my truck, put the key in the ignition…and gave it a twist.


No! No! No!

Not today of all days!

I’m not a very good mechanic…but I figured something was disconnected.

I lifted the hood and instantly saw the issue…a loose battery cable.

No time for tools…I grabbed the unsecured fitting and shook it. Climbing back into the cab…I gave it another try…and…SUCCESS!

Let’s go.

I was physically ten minutes down the road, but my mind was miles ahead at my meeting.

That is when I noticed the innumerable brake lights decorating the road ahead and extending out as far as I could see.

In my haste…I had driven straight into the inescapable, “orange clutches” of a construction zone!

Distraught…I rested my forehead on top of my steering wheel. All hope of keeping my schedule was now lost.

A short while later…resigned to my fate…I lifted my eyes to view my surroundings.

Autumn had taken hold, and the trees that lined the road had started their magical metamorphosis into their holiday color.

Oh my…how could I forget?

THANKSGIVING was just a few short days away!

My three grown children would all be over to the house soon. I miss each one of them so much.

Until now, I had not taken the time to cherish this upcoming family opportunity.

All of us would soon be together again…along with a bonus “future” son-in-law!

The very thought of being together with my loved ones, brought a smile to my face.

Perhaps, I should brush up on my “Dad Jokes”? Let’s see…do I have any new material?

I also remembered that my wife has a twenty pound turkey thawing in our old refrigerator out in the garage. I am in charge of brining and cooking that festive fowl.

Although, I never remember the correct seasonings

As a result, our main course tastes different every year.

I always tell the kids, “no one can steal my Turkey Recipe…because…there is no recipe!”

Come to think of it…that is one of my longest standing “Dad Jokes”. (Not my best…but good for a few eye rolls!) Yes, we were going to have some good times. (How lucky can one guy be?)

The brake lights ahead began to become more intermittent and I was starting to make forward progress.

However, things were different now. Suddenly, my meeting was not so important and my responsibilities not so dire.

Amazingly, even my stale, crumbling cinnamon roll tasted better.

Earlier, I had succumbed to my daily pace and had forgotten what was really important.

The WORLD spins around…catching us in its turbulent vortex. Often sending our priorities…and sometimes…even our FAITH…into the wind.

Today…for me…It took a cantankerous vehicle and an unexpected traffic jam to thwart that WIND.

Those two “miracles in disguise” separated me from my self-absorbed routine…just long enough…to help me recall how richly and undeservedly blessed I am.

So blessed, that despite this busy season of Thanksgiving…I was divinely presented a miraculous moment where I was forced to stop…and do nothing.

Within that void…undistracted…I reclaimed my gratitude for all that I have been given.

And that is why I can honestly say…

that today…

I am truly thankful…


From Hall (1.15) Acres…



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