The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

I’m sure many of you, like me, try to squeeze in as much produce as you can into your family. In our morning smoothies, I’m able to mix in 5-7 different fruits and veggies! I love sending my guys off to school knowing that I’ve given them the fuel they need to power through a long day.

But, not all produce is created equally!!! If I’m not careful, I could be sending my boys off to school with a turbo dose of neurotoxins associated with increased risk for ADHD, hormone disrupters, carcinogens and chemicals that could damage their organs. Yes, some of the produce we buy has higher levels of pesticides and chemicals that can affect our health, but there’s good news…

Each year, the Environmental Working Group ( narrows down the worst offenders (the crops with the highest level of toxicity)…the Dirty Dozen. They also provide a list of the Clean 15…crops with the LOWEST level of toxicity. Save these images and take them with you to the grocery store! They are an easy guide to which produce to buy. I know it’s apple season, and they are on the Dirty Dozen so be sure to choose organic! If it’s on the Clean 15, you can buy conventional to hopefully save some money! For more on the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15, click here.

When washing your produce, be sure to use a wash that is free from harmful chemicals. Our family chooses Young Living* Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak. If you’re familiar with the power of Thieves essential oil, you understand why this is such an effective wash! Not only does it leave our produce squeaky clean, it doesn’t leave any harmful residue!
Remember, shavings make a pile! Each time you make a shaving of positive change, you’re adding to that positive change pile!

*Young Living, like Costco, requires a membership to make purchases. A one-time fee of $45 provides a lifetime account. Find a Young Living distributor to help you set up an acct and use their referral link. You, of course, are welcome to use mine! Click here.

Here’s our favorite smoothie recipe! If you don’t have Young Living protein powder, you can use a different organic protein powder!


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