The Legend Of The Bluebonnet

The Legend of the Bluebonnet
An Old Tale of Texas
Retold and Illustrated by
Tomie dePaol

Spring is in full-swing! We’ve celebrated Texas Independence Day and the bluebonnets are blooming! Those beautiful blue flowers just bring joy and smiles to so many people. Of course you know that the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, but do you know about the legend of the bluebonnet?

Tomie dePaola heard of an old Commanche folktale that told of a young girl who made a selfless sacrifice for her people so they could have rain again. After reading as many versions of the tale as she could find, Tomie rewrote and illustrated a beautiful little book called The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

It is the perfect book to share with your children when the bluebonnets are blooming. You can get a copy at the library, or you can watch it on a YouTube video. The narrator does a great job of reading it, and I think your children will enjoy watching it. Perhaps it will make seeing all those beautiful bluebonnets more meaningful.

To view the video click here.


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