US Constitution

Constitution Day is an American federal observance that recognizes the adoption of the US Constitution and those that have become US citizens. It is observed on September 17th, the day in 1787 when the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document in Philadelphia. What a perfect time to have some lessons about the Constitution and the people who had a part in its creation!

What would Ben say?

The Scholastic site has a collection of games, articles and activities to help your children learn about this very important document. They can conduct a virtual interview with Benjamin Franklin and write an actual article that they can print out and save. Click here to see more.

A Little Refresher Course About the US Constitution

I love this next website I found. It is divided into three age groups, so you can find the lessons and activities that are age-appropriate for your kids. I definitely got a refresher lesson on the Constitution by reading interesting facts about our Constitution! Check it out. Click here.

Take the Quiz!

Do you know who is considered that Father of the Constitution? Which town in our country considers itself the Constitution Town because one of its leaders was influential in getting September 17th recognized as Constitution Day?  There’s more to learn about our Constitution by clicking here.

There’s More!

I also found some great videos about the Constitution that are both informative and entertaining. Click here.

Do you have any good resources about Constitution Day? Please share!


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