How do I do this?

How do I capture the essence, the gravity of one of the greatest people I’ve ever known?

From the time I was a child I’ve written words.

Words to describe, to tell a tale, or to make a point.

Why have those words abandoned me on what should be the simplest of tasks?

It is because I do not want to fail…miss an opportunity…to relate to the world my respect and admiration for this wonderful person…


Sure, I could list achievements…

*Brilliant woman who paved a path and broke through career ceilings for other women.

*In the 1950’s, she was the only woman in her department and a pioneer in the “new” field of computer programming.

*She later married, raised a family and served as a leader in the corporate world and  in her community.

Those are just a few facts that speak to accomplishments…but not to her substance and true meaning to me.

How do I tell the world about her in a way that will stick…that will truly honor her contribution…her impact?

Perhaps it is not by listing accomplishments, but rather the things that I truly value about this universally-loved person.

She is wise, patient, compassionate, kind, humble, peaceful, fair, giving, resolute, strong, loving, joyful and a faithful friend who loves Jesus.

I aspire, but will never be, the person that she is.

There is no one exactly like her, and assuredly that wonderful mould has been broken.

As she approaches her 90th birthday…there has never been a single moment that I have not thanked God for her.

This Sunday is assigned as the designated day to honor the most special people in our lives.

She will not expect anything. Her life has been one of “giving” without expectation of reward.

Yet…whether Vera Thomas Hall likes it or not…I have to acknowledge her.

Funny…after all of this writing…I realize I do not need an avalanche of words to express the way I feel.

She knows my heart.

It was carved imperfectly from the excess of her own oversized one.

So…today…these are really all the words I need…and I know they will be enough.


(There…I said it.)

From Hall (1.15) Acres…
Midlothian, Texas…

…where we celebrate all moms today.


– Greg T. Hall

– Greg and his wife Stephanie reside in Midlothian. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington Business School and serves as COO at Spring Creek Restaurants. With his writing, Greg…a former award-winning, small town columnist…strives to use a positive perspective, humor and personal observations to connect with readers from every walk of life.


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