Wear Pajamas To Work Day / Save The Elephant Day

Wear Pajamas to Work Day

April 16

Today is set aside for those who think it would be cool to wear their PJs to work. Before you do, possibly you would like some fun facts about pajamas. The website Sleep.org states The word “pajama” comes from the Indian word “piejamah,” which described loose pants that were tied at the waist. In the early 1900s, a fashion designer named Paul Poiret created silk pajamas to be worn out in public during the daytime, as well as in the evening. The first versions of footed pajamas were made when people began sewing socks to the bottom of their pajama pants. It wasn’t to just keep their feet warm; it was to prevent bugs like termites from nibbling on their toes.

Save the Elephant Day

April 16

It is sad that one of the most majestic animals alive is being slaughtered by the thousands by poachers seeking ivory tusks. African elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet, and the females of this species undergo the longest pregnancy—22 months. Female elephants live in groups of about 15 animals, all related and led by a matriarch, usually the oldest in the group. In the wild, a mother elephant has help with the babies from other elephants who are known as Aunties. A new mother will choose her aunties and together they will raise the baby. A healthy adult elephant can drink up to 60 gallons of water each day – which is the same as about 275 big bottles of coke. An elephant lives on average to the age of 70.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Selena – Beloved Tejano Singer – born in Lake Jackson, Texas

Charlie Chaplin – Comic Actor – born in London, England


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