Welcome, Rebecca!

Rebecca Fields was born and raised in Southern Louisiana, but got to Texas as soon as she could! She came to Waxahachie to attend SAGU, where she met her husband and fellow educator, Daniel Fields (formerly an English teacher with WISD, currently an assistant principal with Ennis ISD).

Rebecca is a mom of two who spent 13 years teaching in the elementary classrooms of Ellis county as an educator. In addition, she’s occasionally filled in as an adjunct reading, writing, and education instructor with Navarro College.

In the past, she’s also led classes for fellow educators, conducted volunteer training for local non-profits, worked with foster families, and created a small tutoring business.

Four years ago, she decided that she wanted to pursue her dream of full-time freelance writing. Since then, she’s been a steady contributor to parenting and education blogs. She writes and edits curriculum, creates teaching materials, writes lessons and does voice-over work for an education app, and works with non-profit organizations.

With her experiences in the classroom, her background in education (including a masters degree specializing in early childhood education), her wild and unexpected journey of being a mom of homeschoolers (this will be their third full year learning from home together), and her habit of finding all the ways things don’t work while in search of the few that do, she is fairly likely to share with us some tips, tricks, and knowledge with a comedic flair.

Rebecca’s many and varied hobbies include an obsessive amount of reading, noticing things other people simply do not care about, doing research, creating spreadsheets, watching shows and movies, crafting completely useless items, not-gardening (she’s particularly gifted in killing plants), collecting journals she never writes in, celebrating the small ironies of life, taking long drives to distant locations, general worrying, offering opinions no one asked for, and making jokes that cause her family to cringe.

Additionally, although she’s never studied for it, doesn’t get paid to do it, and can’t really even articulate why, she considers herself a professional procrastinator with an emphasis on house cleaning. She has no completed degrees in the area, lots of experience, and could probably offer lots of practical advice if she ever gets around to it.

Statistics say it’s unlikely to ever happen.

The family collects stray dogs (currently they have four), and lives in a spacious Waxahachie residence which is over a hundred years old and beautifully crafted and maintained in the “early modern antique tradition of ‘We’ve Been Robbed’ and ‘Children Live Here’ styles (not pictured).

We look forward to Rebecca’s perspective and inspirational content on Ellis DownHome! Help us welcome her!


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