What Am I?

I am the largest carnivorous land animal in the world.

I am an excellent swimmer and diver.

I have very thick fur and huge paws.

My coat is white, and my skin is black.

Seals are my favorite thing to eat, and I can smell them up to a mile away!

I live in the ice-covered waters and lands of the Arctic.

Did you guess who I am?

Polar bears are really interesting animals for kids of all ages to explore. They have many specialized adaptations that enable them to live in one of our planet’s most harsh environments. Whether you home school your kids, or you like to do fun at-home lessons for enrichment, a study of polar bears would be a great choice. There are many excellent resources on the internet with fun facts just for kids and also quite a few videos too.

The Brilliant Beasts of the Arctic

The Brilliant Beasts of the Arctic is the title of the National Geographic Kids website about polar bears. There are 10 polar bear facts that are presented in a way that is kid-friendly. There is also a slide show of polar bear photos. Click here to get to the site.

49 Polar Bear Facts for Kids

If 10 facts aren’t enough, how about 49?  This would be a good site for older children, and even adults. For instance, did you know that polar bears can swim for days nonstop, with the longest recorded swim at 9 days. Their sense of smell is so good that they can smell a seal as far as 1.5 kilometers away. To learn more of these fabulous facts, click here.

Polar Bear Videos

Here are two videos that help us learn more about polar bears!

Video 1

Video 2


  1. Cut polar bear feet out of construction paper and have your children write polar bear facts on them.
  2. Have your children either write about or draw a picture of the polar bear’s habitat.
  3. Research and write about what we can do to help polar bears.
  4. Write a story about “If I had a polar bear”…
  5. Check out the snowy STEAM activities on this site called STEAM Ahead

I know you and your family will enjoy learning about polar bears!

If you have some ideas for at-home lessons, please comment below.


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