World Introvert Day / National Swiss Cheese Day

World Introvert Day

January 2

Felicitas Heyne first introduced World Introvert Day in 2011 when his blog post suggested a day where the public can get a better understanding of introversion.  According to Days of the,

“World Introvert Day is about bringing awareness about the inward-focused world of introverts, and that their actions and habits don’t make them less normal.  Many studies have shown that introverts, despite their habits, are an important minority that work behind the scenes of an extroverted world to keep it functioning.”  Famous introverts include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Sir Isaac Newton and Steven Spielberg.

National Swiss Cheese Day

January 2

There is Swiss Cheese and then there is Swiss Cheese.  In the broader sense, any cheese produce in Switzerland is considered Swiss cheese.  There are more than 450 varieties of cheeses made in the Alpine country and almost half the milk in that country is turned into cheese.  The top-produced variety of Swiss cheese is Le Gruyère, of which more than 28,500 tons was produced in 2015.  The one with the holes in it, which is sold as “Swiss Cheese” is called “Emmentaler” in Switzerland.  It is the most exported of all the cheeses from that country.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Cuba Gooding Jr. – Actor – 51 – born in Bronx, New York

Isaac Asimov – Science Fiction Writer – passed at age 72 – born in Petrovichi, Russia


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