5 Days Of Simple Christmas Science Projects

The Christmas season is full of wonderment and joy. What a perfect time to do some easy and fun science projects with your children!  You and your kids will have so much fun working on these projects while also learning some Christmas science facts.

The Little Bins for Little Hands website always has marvelous science activities, but I’m really impressed with these holiday projects and experiments. Each activity is accompanied by easy-to-follow directions with pictures, and the supplies are mostly things you already have in your house. Every activity also has a printable you can download.

There is a crystal growing chemistry activity where not only will your child be learning about crystals, but he will also end up with a beautiful crystal ornament. On another day, you and your children can learn about reindeer. There is even a link to a “reindeer cam” where you can observe real reindeer in their habitat.

Each day’s activity is amazing. What better way for some quality family fun? Click here to view.


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