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With the school year is nearing, your kids have probably said “I’m bored” a million times already and with the heat, it’s hard to find something to do to keep them busy. There are many arts & craft ideas that can be fun as well as educational. Let’s explore those ideas.

10 Fun Educational Crafts for Kids

Experts say that hands-on, active learning is the most effective way to teach students.

The following hands-on educational crafts and activities are not only fun, but they also help children solidify educational concepts and remember them throughout life. Use these fun craft projects to teach children about subjects from math to geography. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Educational Crafts

The Crafty Classroom is a website is filled with crafts, activities and printables you can use in your classroom! Our crafts go alongside themes and literature resources and most of them come straight out of our personal homeschool experiences! To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids

Arts and crafts are great for learners of all ages. From preschool paper plate tambourines to fifth grade homemade thermometers, the Education.com arts and crafts activities below will keep students’ learning fun and engaged. With a wide range of DIY, decorative, and scientific arts and crafts activities below, your arts and crafts classroom ideas list will never be empty again. Read more, CLICK HERE.

40 Educational Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Getting kids to enjoy learning is SO important! Without an element of fun, play or experimentation, children can quickly grow bored of learning certain concepts from phonics to counting and everything in between. But many enjoy projects and crafts that teach these concepts in unique, creative and most important organic ways. So whether you have a toddler you’re introducing the alphabet to for the first time or a pre-teen who needs some help understanding earth science, at-home crafts can be an excellent tool. Interested in learning more? CLICK HERE.

9 Fun Paper Crafts That Are Also Educational

Are you looking for unique and entertaining ways to teach your children? This article is devoted to educational paper crafts. These projects will help your children learn while having fun at the same time. There is a craft for everyone on this list and the best part is, all the materials may just be lying around your house. Find out more, CLICK HERE.


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