Alfresco Dining

Alfresco Dining

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year with the flowers blooming and the birds singing. Why not celebrate Spring with an alfresco meal? It can be as simple or as fancy as you want, and it can include a gathering of friends or just your family. The local farmers’ markets are opening up for the season, so you will have such a great source of fresh fruits and vegetables available. Check out these great sites for menu ideas and recipes for your outdoor dining.

  • 1,2,3 and You’re Done!

    How simple can it be to have three delicious dishes perhaps for a light lunch in the garden? This Punchbowl site says salad, fruit cups and lemon bars is all you need. I love the idea of serving the fresh berries in a scooped- out half of a large orange topped with a little fresh mint and a dollop of whipped cream. Click here to get all the recipes from Punchbowl. CLICK HERE

  • Go Green for Earth Day

    April 22 is the day for global awareness of our planet and environment. How about an alfresco Earth Day party? Try to stay “green” not only in using reusable tableware and decorations, but also creating a menu of green-colored food! Think about it, honey dew melons, green tea, cukes with green goddess dressing, green salads, guac, and key lime pie or pistachio cookies. If you want to include a protein food, you could add chicken or shrimp etc. to a green salad. This idea can also be found on the Punchbowl website. Click and see. CLICK HERE

  • Fire It Up!

    This alfresco meal falls to the pit-master in your family. Everything on the menu comes straight from the grill! Start out with grilled crostini and a variety of toppings such as pesto or bruschetta which you can buy at your nearest grocery deli. How about appetizer pizzas from the grill? Even the salad can be a grilled romaine salad with a creamy basil dressing, and don’t forget the grilled steak. Now, if your have room for dessert, you could have S’Mores or just pick up something from your local bakery. Click here to check out the details. CLICK HERE

Please comment or contribute your ideas of how to celebrate Spring.


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