Backyard Fun

The outdoors is a great place for families to get together to get some exercise and fresh air and do some bonding. There are so many possibilities for backyard fun throughout the year! Hide and Seek is always a game that children love, and it requires no equipment or uniforms! A family garden is also a wonderful way to spend family time. If you don’t have much space, you can make a container garden. There are other ideas for you to consider on the Unicef website. Click here.

More Backyard Family Fun Ideas

This website is called Play, Party, Plan – Make Life Fun! It is just packed with great ideas for backyard family fun.  There are so many outdoor games that you and your family could pick a new one each week for quite a few months! You probably have played Capture the Flag, but have you heard of an outdoor game called Color by the Corner? Each game mentioned on this site is accompanied by pictures and easy to follow directions. Take a look. Click here.

No Tech, No Problem!

Here is a site with a good list of non-tech games that you probably played when you were a kid such as Red Rover, Freeze Tag and Simon Says. You can play these games with your whole family in your backyard or maybe at a local park. You and your family will be getting exercise, natural light and best of all, making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!   Check out this site by clicking here.

Do you have any favorite outdoor family games to share?  Comment here!


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