Bible Goals

It’s a new year, and with that comes lots of resolutions. Some people are joining gyms, trying Keto diets, setting goals to decrease time on their electronics, and some are determined to read through the Bible this year. This is something I have attempted several times in my life, but I have struggled to finish. I get to Leviticus and my eyes start crossing with all the offerings and sacrifices. But, whether or not I finish in a calendar year isn’t as important as being able to know for myself that I’ve read every word in the Bible at least once in my life.

I struggle with goals in general, because if I inevitably slack off or stop altogether, I tend to feel like I am a failure. So sometimes I don’t set them at all because then I get to protect myself from failing. Well, this year, one of my goals is to extend myself more grace. To set goals, but don’t loathe myself if I struggle to stay consistent. To work hard in everything I do, but also know when to rest. To love those around me, but also love myself, too.

Tara Leigh Cobble, The Bible Recap Podcast

For those of you that might also have a goal of reading through the Bible, I wanted to share a great podcast that a friend referred to me last year. It’s called The Bible Recap. It is a free podcast that also has social media accounts and a great website that accompanies it. It’s hosted by Tara Leigh Cobble, and while it reaches people nation-wide, it’s produced right up the road in Dallas. They have their own reading plan on the Bible app (YouVersion), and then after you’ve read, you play the podcast that goes with that passage. Tara sums it up, gives some great perspective on it, and always provides a great take-away that applies it to life. She calls this the “God shot”. Each podcast is under 10 minutes, so if you’re needing something quicker, this is a great option.

I have found that this podcast, as strange as it sounds, makes me feel like I have a friend reading the Bible with me. Scripture is full of old language, it can be difficult to understand, and sometimes is straight up weird. So reading through long lists of names, or chapters and chapters of details for the temple construction can feel very daunting… and sometimes, even boring. But I have appreciated Tara’s thoughts on even the hardest of passages. She always shares deeper meanings and gives great context to help everyone understand. For things that might be more controversial in nature, she’s careful to mention that you might want to study more yourself on it to discover what you think God meant by that scripture.

Whether meeting your goals comes easily, or you struggle like me, if reading the Bible is something you really want to do, The Bible Recap might be a great tool to try. Check out their website here to find out more!

Something Tara always says in every episode is, “He’s where the joy is!” She has a love of scripture, and helping people learn more about God and His character is something she’s very passionate about. I have found that this joy is contagious, and this approach has helped me learn more about Biblical history, but also the over-arching story that is weaved throughout it. The story of God’s heart and love for people – all people, the Son that sacrificed Himself for them, redemption from sin, and the joy that freedom brings. He IS where the joy is!

So friends, happy reading… remember to extend yourself some grace along the way.



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