Bling for the Beginner

It is thought the descendants of Homo sapiens, the Cro-Magnons, where the first to wear jewelry more than 40,000 years ago. The word “jewelry” is believed an adaptation of the Latin work “jocale” which means plaything and was originally made from bone, teeth and stone.
This edition for the jewelry section is designed to give new aspirants to creating jewelry some of the basics to help them get started.

  • Jewelry Design for the Beginner

    This helpful site gives new jewelry hobbyists how-to tips from jewel tools to basic techniques. It drills down into use of specific materials like wood, stone, metals, acrylics and leather and demonstrates how they can be used for earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. It also offers several tutorials to help beginners get started. Click here for a very sound introduction into the art of jewelry design. CLICK HERE

  • Selling Your Jewelry from Home

    When a person begins to gather a collection of jewelry they have handmade, they often desire to sell it to generate more funds for their hobby. Click here to learn of three different ways jewelry can be sold from your home. CLICK HERE

  • Selling Your Jewelry Online

    One of the ways in which to sell jewelry you have created is on the Internet. This site gives you the basic tools to tap into online sales including photography, pricing, promotion and the people who will be interested in your products. Click here for 8 good tips on how to sell your jewelry through social media. CLICK HERE

  • 489 Jewelry Handmade Jewelry Making Ideas

    Pinterest offers a site with almost 500 different ideas for craftspeople making jewelry. Find great ideas ranging from eyeglass frames to bejeweled wine glasses. Click here for a treasure trove of ideas. CLICK HERE

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