Cardboard Crafts

The holidays are gone, the gifts have been opened, and the wrapping paper exhausted. However, mountains of cardboard boxes and tubes remain piled in households all over the country. Instead of throwing them away this year put them to use and get some free entertainment for the kiddos.
This installment looks at all of the wonders that can come from imagination and cardboard! The resources include Cardboard Crafts, Cardboard Tube Crafts, Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, and Rules for Safe Crafting.

  • Cardboard Box Crafts

    Turn those cardboard boxes into an airplane, doll house, or whatever the heart desires. Happily Ever Mom has 65 great cardboard crafts for the kids to enjoy. To view the list of crafts CLICK HERE

  • 15 More Fun and Easy Cardboard Crafts

    Here are 15 additional cardboard crafts for the kids to enjoy. For more information CLICK HERE

  • Cardboard Tube Crafts

    Turn those old wrapping paper tubes into a sword or maybe even a telescope? This website provides instructions on 22 cardboard tube crafts guaranteed to provide family fun. To get crafting CLICK HERE

  • Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

    These items can be found in the home year round and who would’ve thought there would be 79 different things to be made from them? To view this website’s 79 craft ideas CLICK HERE

  • Rules for Safe Crafting

    Crafting can be a very fun activity for the kids to engage in. However one may be wary to put scissors in the hands of a child. Family Education offers some very helpful “rules” for safe crafting. For safety tips CLICK HERE

Do you have some cardboard projects you have done with your children? Share them by sending in your comments, stories, photos or videos.


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