Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is a global observance started in 1970 to gather support for environmental issues. It is always observed on April 22, followed closely by Arbor Day which is observed on the last Friday in April. Why not use Earth Day as an opportunity to have some fun with your family and show some kindness to our planet at the same time? Take a look at these websites just full of great ideas and activities for celebrating Earth Day.

  • Let’s Party!

    Since this will be an Earth Day party, no disposable paper products allowed! Look around your house for items that could be recycled into decorations or used in craft activities. Serve yummy treats such as Dirt and Worms made with crushed Oreos and gummy worms and Ants on a Log made with celery and peanut butter. There is also a wonderful video showing how to make seed bombs out of shredded newspapers and wildflower seeds. Whether your Earth Day party is for friends or just your family, it will be amazing! Click here to get the recipes and other ideas. CLICK HERE

  • Keep the Party Going!

    Earth Day is our opportunity to help us teach our children to focus on all the ways we can help our environment while having fun. I love the ideas I found on this website such as a game called “Front if by land, Back if by sea”. The kids stand in a circle facing outwards. An adult calls out a word that is either an earth word or a water word. If it’s an earth word the kids take one step forward. If it’s a water word, they take one step back. If you step in the wrong direction, you’re out! There are several more games and activities that are simple but entertaining and educational as well. Click here to view more from The Spruce. CLICK HERE

  • There’s More!

    There are some fun games and activities on this evite site. I love the outdoor scavenger hunt which sends the kids on a hunt for acorns, pinecones and other natural things. CLICK HERE

  • There are fifty Earth Day activities listed on this site that will encourage children to create objects from natural and recycled materials and spend more time outdoors. You could almost do one project a week for a whole year! Click here to check it out. CLICK HERE

Happy Earth Day!


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