Child’s Room Need Decluttering?

Summer is here and the kids are home 24/7 enjoying what they do best, making messes. These fun DIYs will help keep your children’s rooms clean and organized. It is best to try and make the most of the space your child has, and staying organized is a great way to teach responsibility to your children.

  • Stuffed Animal Zoo

    Kids love their stuffed animals and will show them a lot of love, even all 30 of them. The link below gives many creative ways to help wrangle all the stuffed animals and turn mess into an organized "zoo". CLICK HERE

  • Activity Table

    Children's rooms are full of toys and it can be hard to keep them from taking over the room. "Addicted 2 DIY" provides a step by step tutorial on building a 4-in-1 activity table that your child will be sure to love. CLICK HERE

  • Mason Jar Storage

    Mason jars are a great way to organize all types of supplies and toys. Take a look at the following resource to learn how to store craft supplies using mason jars. CLICK HERE

  • Organizing Tips for Kids

    The following website provides 8 additional tips for organizing. CLICK HERE

  • Declutter Your Child's Playroom

    It can be difficult to keep your kids room organized with extra clutter and things they don’t need. For tips and help on decluttering a kids room, visit the resource provided here! CLICK HERE

Do you have some tips to help with the decluttering? Maybe you have some fun ways to help your kids get organized. Share them by posting your photos, videos, and comments here on DownHome.


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