Christmas In July

I recently found myself in one of my very favorite cooking stores, Sur la Table, which is a fabulous way to spend my day! It is always a happy place for me, and this visit was certainly no exception. There was a bridal shower going on in the classroom kitchen, much of the merchandise was on sale and my sweet hubby opted to stay in the car and told me to take as long as I liked. Talk about turning a kid loose in the candy store! I have never seen more kitchen gadgets in my life! There was one that completely cut and cubed a half of a watermelon in one quick motion. Who wouldn’t want to have that? (Added to my cart) Right next to that gadget was one that you use for sectioning grapefruit. I know I will use that during grapefruit season. (Added to my cart) In the next aisle I found the perfect scooper for making cupcakes so they are all the same size. (Added to my cart) As I roamed around the store, I put a few more items in my basket, before I headed to the check-out counter, and then I saw something I simply could not resist – a 4-inch electric waffle iron for $9.95! Not only was the price right, but so was the color – Martha Stewart blue. (Added to my cart). I was so excited to try out all my new gadgets.

When I got home I noticed that my gadget drawer was rather crowded and messy, so I decided to clean it out before putting my newest purchases in. OK, I’ll just say it, I discovered I have a gadget addiction and probably need to go to rehab immediately. I found six ice cream scoops of assorted colors and styles, four melon ballers, five citrus squeezers, numerous tongs in a variety of colors, and of all things, a cute little scooper for making cupcakes so they are all the same size! (I’m thinking I need to make cupcakes more often.) Anyway, the newly organized drawer looks great, and at least for the time being, I know what’s in there.

Anyone ready for a cube of watermelon, a section of grapefruit, a cupcake or a 4-inch waffle?


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