Diary of an Old Piano

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful upright piano. The piano was played by a young girl who chewed gum and loved to play baseball with the neighborhood kids. Years passed and the girl moved away and the beautiful piano sat and collected dust. Several years passed and the piano was soon moved away and disappeared. What might have happened to it, you ask? Read below some ideas that people have used to restore or re-purpose an old piano.

Diamond in the Rough

Obviously it’s possible to customize the piano in a lot of different ways. Follow the interesting journey of a man who chose to turn an old piano into a gorgeous desk. Click here.

Imagine the Possibility

The re-purposing of a piano and pieces takes it to a new level. A piano is a piece of furniture that many people don’t want anymore and have thoughts to trash. You can re-purpose and imagine the possibilities of things you could reinvent with this classic instrument. Click here to see!

Outside Pianos?

This link is a great resource if you are wanting to turn your piano into a garden planter. This look is surprising to me because I’ve never thought of choosing a setting outside of the home out in the elements. Click here to check it out.

Share your ideas with me. Do you have an old piano you would like to re-purpose?


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