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Painting stretch back to the pre-historic times. Some images, like at the Chauvet Cave in France are estimated to be more than 30,000 years old. These early drawings on cave walls depicted men hunting and the prey they were after. And since those times mankind has used painting to express their history, ideas and emotions.

  • The Basics of Painting

    Peter Owen, writing for the Encyclopedia Britannica, takes the history of painting and blends it with design principles from space and movement to colors and shapes to give anyone, novices to advanced, a great background in an art form which has influence mankind for centuries. Click here for a comprehensive overview of the basics of painting. CLICK HERE

  • Creating your First Painting

    This site takes the reader through the considerations they should contemplate in producing a painting. It includes what types of paints to use (oil, watercolor, acrylic, etc.), the colors to use and numerous other resources in the painting decision process. Click here for tutorials and other information you should know before taking up painting as a hobby. CLICK HERE

  • Artists Network

    The Artist’s Network website gives followers solid resources to help them begin to paint, including more than 300 tutorials on a wide spectrum of art techniques. Click here to tap into a solid resource for painters. CLICK HERE

This section of Downhome devoted to painters relies strongly on your input. Submit questions, provide tips, share life experiences, post photos and videos. We would love to have your input.


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