Family Tree Fun

Are you looking for some new ideas for a family project? How about some activities that help your children learn about and appreciate their heritage? It could be as simple as going through old family pictures and “introducing” some people from past generations to your children.

  • Family Tree Activities

    This website called Buggy and Buddy has nine great activities to do with young children such as build the family tree with handprints or autumn leaves. Make dinner from family recipes. Rummage through those dusty boxes of family photographs. There are also suggestions on children’s books to read such as The Relatives Came. Check out this site by clicking here. CLICK HERE

  • Family Tree Bonds Family

    This site is concerned about the overall well-being of each member of a family. Working on a project such as a family tree can create a sense of identity for children as they learn about the history of their family. There can be jobs for each child no matter how young or old they may be. Click here to read more. CLICK HERE

  • Spark on Interest in Genealogy

    Get your kids into wanting to “dig” into information about their family. Duncan Kuehn gives some valuable tips and activities for families such as exploring old newspaper articles together to give the children some ideas of life in past generations. You could also compile a storybook with old pictures or create a family recipe book. Click here to read the whole article. CLICK HERE

Do you have special activities you do as a family? Share your comments, photos and videos with our readers.


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