Go BIG or Go Home

To kids painting is fun, creative, and a good excuse to make a mess. A small portrait or an artistic expression displayed on a canvas is aesthetically pleasing, but kids would rather paint BIG and with vibrant colors. This installment takes a look at three different ways to make painting a full body experience for kids!

  • Large Scale Canvas Art

    Give the kids a large canvas and let them bring out their inner Monet. The author even provides some tips to keep the cost down to a minimum. Click here to view the article. CLICK HERE

  • Body Tracing and Painting

    This is a fun and unique way for kids to paint. By tracing their body or that of a friend they get to paint a likeness of themselves. To view the article on Body Tracing and Painting CLICK HERE

  • Swimming Pool Painting

    Kids love water balloons and they love to make a mess (or paint) whichever. This article takes a look at a unique way to combine water balloons and painting. Click here to view the article. CLICK HERE

Do you have some ideas for painting BIG? Maybe you have some photos of projects your kids have done in the past? Share them by sending in your comments, stories, photos or videos.


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