Grandparent And Kid-Approved Activities

These days it seems like so many people are glued to their phones and devices, and that includes kids! Isn’t it sad when you see a whole family sitting in a restaurant and everyone is looking down at some electronic device? I think we all could probably use some un-screening!

As a grandparent, you have a special place in the family and in the hearts of your grandchildren. Kids love spending time with their grandparents and they also love learning new things. Lucky you because you already have their love, and now you can teach them new things which really might be old things like how to play chess, checkers or a card game, none of which require electronic technology, just the best computer ever made, your brain!

Scavenger Hunt Anyone?

I found a great site that was originally on that has 8 wonderful activities to do with your grandchildren. A scavenger hunt can be as simple as a nature walk or as pre-planned as a treasure hunt with clues. Another idea on this site is to look at baby books, but not their baby books. Kids would really love to see baby pictures of their parents or grandparents! How about teaching your grandkids a card game? All these ideas and more are on this site. Click here to read more.

Old-Fashioned Fun and Games

Next time you are with your grandchildren, try doing some things with them that you did as a kid. The website has lots of suggestions for activities to do with your grandkids and they all start with verbs – jump, throw, swing, hop, find and think. Please check out this site and dust off your jump rope. Click here.

I know you will enjoy sharing these fun activities with your grandchildren, even if you have to take a powder for your aching muscles at the end of the day!


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