In Full Bloom

Most of us want to arrange striking bouquets in our homes, but lack the skills of a florist to create a gorgeous arrangement. This edition of the hobby of floral design presents some websites which may be of help give you some of the basics.

  • Floral Design Institute

    This academy dedicated to helping students become certified floral designers offers some really great tips and videos which can help any person striving to create a simple flower arrangement. Click here to learn about design, flower care and information on more than 130 different types of flowers. CLICK HERE

  • A Career as a Florist

    If you have ever considered becoming a professional in the flower world, floral designer Chelsea Fuss describes what it takes to start working with flowers full-time. This site shares on-line courses, interesting books, different specialties consideration and how to build your resume. Click her for a wealth of information. CLICK HERE

  • 15 Classic Flower Arrangements

    Better Homes and Garden offers readers on this website tips on how to create 15 different flower arrangements, plus 17 other articles devoted to floral design. Click here to learn from the pros at Better Homes and Garden. CLICK HERE

  • Martha Stewart

    Martha Stewart devotes several different topics to flower arranging. All it takes is a little roaming around her site to tap into her lessons, slideshows and great advice. Click here to begin getting Martha’s Flower Arranging Secrets, 9 Creative Ways to Display a Bouquet and Tips from a Flower School. CLICK HERE

Share you tips on floral design. We would love to hear your comments and look at your photos and how-to videos.


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