It’s A Waffling Thing!

Waffle irons used to be used only to make waffles for breakfast or brunch, but not anymore. I bought a book called, Will It Waffle? and it has recipes for all kinds of dishes you can make in your waffle iron. After thumbing through the book, I think you can “waffle” just about any kind of food. Some of the recipes are waffled mac and cheese, spaghetti and waffled meatballs and waffled crispy kale! I decided to search the internet to see what other recipes I could find to make in my waffle iron.

7 Things to Make in Your Waffle Iron

This site by Rachel Pack is great because almost all the recipes are semi-homemade and use store-bought dough like crescent rolls, puff pastry and pre-made cookie dough. She has recipes for cinnamon rolls, grilled cheese, ham and cheese croissants and deconstructed pizza and more. Click here to get these recipes.

19 Non-Waffle Things to Make in Your Waffle Iron

Omelets, paninis, pizzas, sweet potato fritters and brownies are just a few of the recipes on this site. I’m beginning to think the only thing you can’t make in a waffle iron is soup! I know you will want to check out these non-waffle recipes. Click here.

Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron

This site is from one of my favorite cooking site called Delish. There is a picture gallery with 31 pictures of fun recipes using a waffle iron. How about Zucchini Waffle Grilled Cheese with Broccoli Cheese Soup. (Well, maybe you can make soup in your waffle iron after all!) There are recipes for mashed potato waffles, waffle corn dogs, waffle spaghetti buns and so much more. Click here.

I think you need to drag your old waffle iron out and start making dinner. You probably need to find a permanent place for it on your counter because you will be using it all the time. Happy “Waffling”!



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