It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Celebration time! Come on, we are a little closer to cooler weather and Fall is here! School is in full-swing, football and the bands are marching and playing our favorite game-day songs. Pumpkins, Indian corn and pine-cones all set the mood for Fall. Let’s put something beautiful on our front door or paint a pumpkin!

Front Door Celebration

You can use faux flowers, wheat, acorns, or pine-cones for your fall wreath. Just be creative and make your own masterpiece for your home. Click here for some great ideas!

Pumpkin Topiary

Faux pumpkins can look terrific when building a topiary for the front door or backyard patio. It is hard to find faux pumpkins that are the right shape or size. Real pumpkins can certainly be used, if preferred. Check out this tutorial to help you make your own!

More DIY Easy-Peezy Painted Pumpkins

I’ve included more creative ideas for decorating for the season. Click here to check out some painted pumpkins to inspire you to create something of beauty.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for Fall?


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