I’ve Weathered A Storm Or Two

I’ve Weathered A Storm Or Two

Been tested on life’s battlefield

In business, sport and pleasure

I’ve seen the gamier side of men

Discarded junk and treasure.


I’ve built castles in the air

On beaches shifting sand

And survived the long nights dreams

I’ve risked it all on a single toss

Lost, and gone back for a better scheme.


I stood by my father’s deathbed

And watched breath leave his frame

Honored his last waking thoughts

And wondered if he had found peace

For so long he had sought.


I’ve watch my children grow

Known their hurt and hidden tears

Watch tender shoots grow strong

Knowing they would be tested

By life’s fabled song.


Sweat and pain – tears of joy

Debt and passions strong

Fires soothed by calming blues

I’ve weathered a storm or two.


I’ve touch some friends

Been touched by some too

Been praised and scorned and ridiculed

I’ve learned to carry my load

I’ve weathered a storm or two.




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