Keep Your Mind and Body Fit While You Are Having Fun!

If you are 65 years or older, you are statistically considered a “senior” adult. According to the CDC, the number of people 65 years and beyond will double by the year 2030. People are living longer, and ideas for improving the quality of your life means increasing activity whether it is exercising your mind or your body or both! Are you an active senior?

The How Stuff Works website offers ten active senior hobbies for your consideration. One is titled “Creating”. Georgia O’Keefe and George Burns are two examples of seniors that continued to be active well into their 90’s. George W. Bush took up painting after he left office. There are so many options in the creative arts field to explore!

Another suggestion for staying active is by swimming. If you have access to a pool, swimming is a great way to get cardio and wake-up and refresh the body. The local YMCA most likely has water aerobics and maybe even water ballet classes.

Other ideas on this site are getting into restoration or fixing-up projects, walking, Pilates, yoga and travel. Check out all the ideas by clicking here.

Health Benefits of Hobbies

Participating in new activities can be beneficial for senior health. It can help you stay engaged and busy, improve your self-esteem, relieve stress, keep your heart healthy and keep you mind sharp to name just a few. There are so many choices of activities and hobbies, you will surely find something that captures your interest. Click here to see ideas.

Inexpensive Hobbies to Try

So now that you are retired, you have more time, but maybe not as much money to spend on hobbies and entertainment. This Money Peach site has 45 “fun, inexpensive hobbies” to try. Do you like to write? How about starting a blog? Like to cook? You could become the “Cake Lady” or a Grill Master. There are many activities you can do via the internet like watch a podcast, sell things on Etsy or learn a new language. Click here to see all 45 ideas.

There are so many enjoyable ways to spend your “extra” time, I know you will find the right hobby for you! If you have comments or suggestions, please share.


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