Let’s Talk About Phone Photos

I like to take lots of photo using my iPhone. The problem is it doesn’t take long to have such a jumble of pictures that it is tough to find one when I want to share it with a friend in person or social media. I did a little digging to find tips to help me get a little more organized and I’d like to share them with you.

  • Tips from Professional Photographers

    The Artifacts Uprising site posted great suggestions for consolidating photo from four professional photographers. Little things like culling out the blurry or poorly lit photos eliminating a surprising number of photos off my phone. For some really good information about creating some better photo album practices CLICK HERE

  • Apple of my Eye

    It makes sense that Apple, as in Apple iPhone, would have some solid suggestions on how to better organize your phone photos. To discover how the company that made the phone suggests how to best use it CLICK HERE

  • Seek the Geek

    The How to Geek site makes the technical tricks to place photos in phone albums a little easier to stumble through. For some really easy to understand, hands-on videos to help utilize the organizational advantages of creating albums CLICK HERE

  • App to Help You

    Seemingly, there are apps to assist you in almost everything. Helping you better organize your Phone Photos is no exception. For a resource which gives you apps which will help you be better organized CLICK HERE

I bet you have your own phone photo tips you have learned. Please share your comments, suggestions, photos or video. Our readers would love to learn from your positive experience.


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