Make A Splash With Your New Backsplash

You’re ready to freshen up your kitchen and one of the big projects on your list is updating the backsplash. You want to do it yourself but, how do you get started? What do you need? Below you will find a few places that will give you ideas of how to start and ideas on modern trends.

How to Install a Tile Backsplash

When you are ready to update your kitchen go to a trusted source for information and ideas. Once such source is Lowe’s. On their website you will find a video on backsplash installation as well as a list of tools and materials needed for the job. In addition there are step-by-step instructions that will guide you from start to finish. Ready for a new look? CLICK HERE to read more.

Family Handyman

Would you like to update your kitchen but you’re on a limited budget? Take a look at this “handy” website for directions on how to install a mosaic tile backsplash to achieve a whole new look for under $200. What bargain! Just take a look. CLICK HERE to take a look.

Peel and Stick Tile

Of course, there are easy ways to achieve the look you desire for your kitchen but you will want to know the pro’s and con’s of peel and stick tile. Read more about it in this informative blog. CLICK HERE to read more.

Stainless Steel or Copper Backsplash

If you are seeking a dramatic, high-impact backsplash, you might want to consider stainless steel or copper for the job. It’s relatively simple to install and will virtually last forever. The best part about using these materials is that there’s no grouting required which saves you time and energy during the installation process. To take a look at the beauty of this style, just CLICK HERE

Subway Tile Kitchen

A great way to have a neutral background for easy “color pop” changes is to install the popular subway tile backsplash. This is your basic white tile which will enable easily interchangeable color schemes for the homeowner to update quickly – whether for a celebration, a holiday or just a new look. And, best of all, this look can be achieved on a budget. CLICK HERE to take a deeper look.

So no matter what look you want to achieve in your home – modern to rustic; farmhouse to mansion – a beautiful updated backsplash might be just the change you are seeking.

Give us a peek into your backsplash project by sharing in the comment section below.


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