Meet the Peeps

I always look forward to springtime because of all the welcome arrivals – birds, blooms, baseball and Peeps! Yes, Peeps, those gooey sticky marshmallowy treats perched on a shelf in your nearest store. I honestly don’t know anyone who really just opens a package of Peeps and nibbles on them for a snack, do you? While they may be a little too sweet to eat in their natural state, there are so many fun ways to use Peeps to make cute decorations and snacks. I have been making Peeps pops every Easter for many years. All you need are some bunny Peeps, cute paper straws, candy bark (either white or chocolate or both) and sprinkles. I get everything all set up before I start dipping the bunnies because the chocolate does harden fairly quickly. Spread out waxed paper on your work area or a baking sheet, pour the sprinks into a bowl, and lay out all the bunnies so they will be ready to take a dip. Now it’s time to melt the chocolate according to the package directions. Dip the peeps partially in the chocolate and immediately decorate with sprinkles. Place on baking sheet and insert a colorful straw into bottom of each Peep. When they harden, you can stick them in a jar of jelly beans and you will have a delightful table decoration that is tasty too! Here are some other cute ideas using Peeps.

  • Let Them Eat Cake!

    How about a sunflower cake? This recipe immediately caught my eye because I’m from Kansas, the sunflower state. When I started reading the recipe, I could not believe how easy it is to make, mainly because you can use a store-bought chocolate cake if you don’t want to make your own. How easy is that? There are other fun recipes on this site with pictures and reviews. Check it out. CLICK HERE

  • Healthy Peeps Snack – Really?

    How can something as loaded with sugar as a Peeps bunny be a healthy snack? When it is just one part of a fruit and Peep kabob, that’s how! This is another fun and easy way to use Peeps and get the kids to eat their fruit at the same time. I have seen this idea on several sites, but this one has the best arrangement of fruit and Peeps I think. This site is full of healthy and fun Easter snacks for kids. CLICK HERE

  • Little Peeper Pearly Tail

    If you want to bump up your Peeps pops a notch, you might want to check this site. These Peeps pops are completely dipped in white chocolate and finished off with a pearly pastel sixlets candy for a tail- quite elegant and lah-de-dah! The writer of this fabulous site is a baker, author, photographer and lover of sprinkles! Click to see all her wonderful ideas and recipes. CLICK HERE

Be sure and share your Peeps creations with our readers and me. Pictures and comments welcome!


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