Mistletoe: True or False?

This time of year, any talk about mistletoe probably involves decorations and kisses! But actual mistletoe – the plant – is very complex. Here is a list of True or False questions and answers for you!

T/F Mistletoe only grows on trees.
Answer: False, Mistletoe grows on plants, shrubs and trees.

T/F Mistletoe is edible.
Answer: Both! Mistletoe is poisonous to humans, however many animals use it as food.

T/F Mistletoe is thought to bring good fortune to all who hang it in their house.
Answer: True, Mistletoe is thought to bring good health, longevity, love, and a good harvest from the fields.

T/F There are over 1300 species of mistletoe.
Answer: True, there are many different species of mistletoe. Some without berries.

T/F This plant is a parasite.
Answer: True, this plant is considered a killer. On trees it can cause the death of a tree by taking nutrients needed by the tree. Thus, causing death to the tree.

In modern times, mistletoe is hung, and people kiss under the parasite. It is as if they are kissing under the moon. True love may come to those that kiss under this non-edible poisonous plant!


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