Much More Than A Yellow House

Houses are bought. Houses are sold. For some of us we have lived in one home for many years, while others have moved many times. No matter your story, homes become a part of us. They have a history and story of the life lived inside their walls, and the people who called it “home”.

This is true of a cute little yellow house over on West Parks Avenue in Waxahachie. The owner, Julie Law, lived there long ago with her son, Julian. He was six when they moved in. Julie is a talented artist, and has done murals and portrait painting for many years in this area. She is known as “The Painted Lady”. It didn’t take her long to begin painting all over this home. When you enter the front door, a mural of farmland and an old truck driving down the road welcomes you into this gorgeous sitting room. In the kitchen, dancing vegetables bring a smile to your face as you sit along the bar. And of course, a mural of Julian in his bedroom.

A lot of life has happened inside these walls since those simpler days, way back when. After some time there, she and Julian moved on to another home, and new tenants moved in. They brought their own ups and downs and began building more history there. Years passed, and a few months ago, Julie found herself needing to fix it up and sell it.

The process of cleaning, painting, re-finishing, and restoring this place has been an arduous task to say the least, but Julie has had help from friends and contractors. The floors, shining like new, the scent of fresh paint as you enter, the new light fixtures hanging in just the right place – all welcome you, a bright and peaceful invitation to make this your home. There’s even fresh sod in the backyard for kids to run, room for a swing-set, and a deck for grilling and entertaining.

The story that brought Julie here to fixing up this home and selling it, is one of tragedy, but also of hope. If you know Julie, you know her warm smile and infectious laugh. She is passionate and usually wearing a million colors! As much of a free-spirit as she is, she is also grounded and rooted in her undying faith. Jesus is her best friend and rock that she stands on. You see, a little over a year ago, her precious and only son, Julian, passed away. Through this journey that no mother should ever face, she has depended more on Jesus than she ever has in her life. Knowing Julian is safe and sound in heaven, she knows the rest of her days are meant for reaching people all over the world. By sharing her and Julian’s story, and finding those broken and weary, she will encourage and pray for them. She will share with them the story of her Jesus and how He can save and heal. She will bring them hope. This is her calling.

As Julie began to say goodbye to this home, the most difficult thing she had to do was paint over the mural of Julian in his old room. Many tears were shed that day. But now, knowing all the life he lived there and these walls a part of his story, knowing that he lives on even now in Julie’s heart and the streets of the towns he skateboarded in. In her memories of laughter and guitars and silly faces, Julian is everywhere. And he will be with her as she hands over the keys of this home to the next owners, and closes another chapter of her life.

The financial gain she will receive in selling her cute, yellow bungalow will fund her missionary travels. Julie has contacts and friends in just about every corner of the planet, so finding ministry opportunities will come as easily as breathing. So many adventures await. If you would like more information on her home, or would like to see it, there will be an open house and antique sale tomorrow, Saturday, October 26th from 11am-4pm, and on Sunday, the 27th from 1pm-4pm. You can also check out Julie’s website here, where much of her work is displayed, and you can even get a window into her studio.

Julie will paint, she will travel, and she will most certainly tell people about Jesus. Julian will be with her, and because of that, I have a feeling that anywhere she is in our big wide world, will feel like home.







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