Parenting Skills 101

Being a parent is one of the hardest and most important jobs anyone can have. Not only is it a very demanding job, but of course, it is a most rewarding experience. There is that standard joke that kids don’t come with directions, but thankfully for us, there are numerous websites full of useful information and tips on good parenting.

  • The Top Ten Skills for Raising Happy Children

    Dr. Robert Epstein has compiled a list of parenting competencies that have the highest impact in order from most to least. Love and affection tops the list. Dr Epstein says the one-on-one time that we spend supporting our child has a direct impact on his or her happiness, health and success. Click on the link below to read the rest of his list. CLICK HERE

  • Healthy Brains – Healthy Kids

    Did you know that babies are born with 100 billion brain cells and most of those cells are not connected to anything? The connections are created through experiences starting at birth. Positive connections form positive memories for life. That is just one tidbit of information you can find by clicking on the link below and reading this article from Parenting Science. CLICK HERE

  • Positive Parenting Practices

    Have you ever witnessed a scene at the mall or some other public place where a child is having a temper tantrum, and the parent is desperately trying to get things under control? That’s not a pretty sight, and it’s even worse if you and your child are main characters! What should you do? Jeff Hayward has compiled some good tips for parents that “don’t include yelling”. Visit the website below to see what he found. CLICK HERE

What helpful parenting sites have you found?


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