Repurposing Vintage Suitcases

I see a suitcase here, a suitcase there, suitcases everywhere!! My favorite shopping trip is to go antiquing or thrift shopping. There’s always a chance there might be a diamond in the rough that can become an awesome creation. Hoping some inspiration will come your way after you check out these awesome ideas. Think outside the box (or case) on your creations. Have fun girls and create!

Many Uses

Old suitcases are wonderful for storage. No one will ever know what you have stored inside like winter sweaters, scarves or purses. Arrange them in a short stack under a table or stack several on top of each other in a corner for an interesting look. Click here for more tips!

Artistic Décor

Recycling the old suitcase to decorate your home is exciting! It can give you an artistic style house with personalized decorating style. Click here to see some DIY ideas.

How to Paint

If you’ve been thinking about painting your suitcase just do it!! Take your suitcase and go ahead and paint. Here is a how-to!

I hope you gathered some new ideas about decorating with vintage suitcases. This is a fun project and one you will feel very proud of when you finish. Share your ideas with us!


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