Santa Brings a Stove

Cooking is my passion, and I especially like trying new recipes. My friends and family know that when they come over for a meal, they’re going to be my guinea pigs!

I have lots of cookbooks plus cooking magazines arriving monthly and of course the internet with an endless supply at the click of my mouse. So many recipes, so little time!

I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some of my favorite recipes with you and look forward to having you share your favorites with me and our readers.

I’ve been cooking since I was 8 years old. That Christmas, Santa brought me an electric stove. (This was before safety concerns and Easy Bake Ovens.) It was my prized possession. My first and only dishes I cooked on it were boiled celery and fried baloney.

My mother enjoyed cooking, and I’m so grateful that she let me hang out in the kitchen with her. I have such wonderful memories of coming home from school to a house filled with delectable aromas of freshly baked cookies or dinner cooking in the oven. Since I was a working mom, my boys only got that experience if I had the crockpot going!

Times change and crockpots are good. One thing hasn’t changed though – the Nestle® chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of their semi-sweet chocolate chips.

It’s the first recipe I made and really, the only recipe I have memorized simply because I’ve made it so often. People love my chocolate chip cookies and tell me theirs don’t taste like mine even though they use the same recipe. Why is that? Here’s what I think:

  1. Use real butter.
  2. Be certain to really pack the brown sugar in the measuring cup making sure you have ¾ cup or even a little bit more.
  3. Load the batter with the chocolate chips and pecans. (Of course the pecans are optional.)
  4. After you have your mounds of batter on the cookie sheet, gently press them with the back of a spoon if you want a flatter crisper cookie.

I would love for you to share your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe on our Food for Thought site. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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